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PT Maxidrill Indonesia is a registered Penanaman Modal Asing (PMA) company in Indonesia.

PT Maxidrill Indonesia was formed in 1994 and has conducted major drilling projects in Indonesia and today is a market leader maintaining a strong position in a tough and competitive market in the Asia Pacific region. (Please Visit Our Official Website (

We provide the most suitable equipment for drilling operation in Indonesia and other country, our drilling Rigs and associated equipment has been designed and manufactured to suit the asian condition, the suitability and reliability of our fleet will provide you with the best possible drilling program. With over than 18 year operating experience in Indonesia, Modern reliable equipment and highly experienced drilling crews, We will complete your project, maintaining the highest protocol standards, delivery a quality product, cost effective drilling, on time and on budget..

Maxidrill Indonesia builds its own drills and much of its own associated equipment, (specialized pumping units, compressor / booster packs etc) our drills are Built to cater for conditions in Indonesia, this enables our crews to provide our clients with exactly what they need, keeping focused on safety, the environment, quality and production requirements.

The core business of Maxidrill is providing Professional Contract Drilling Services.

Maxidrill Indonesia has a strong client base maintaining excellent professional relationships through dedication, quality, high safety standards and simply providing what clients need.

Maxidrill is at the forefront in the drilling industry in Indonesia, the people who own the company manage and operate it. We focus on and provide for our clients requirements.